14 February 2017 - bulletin 76

Updated at 0830 GMT
Latest warning for 05S

Tropical cyclone Dineo / 05S
Warning 02 from JTWC at 0300 GMT
Position 21.9S 39.0E
Location 48 miles NNW of Europa Island
Movement 245° (WSW) at 5 knots
Maximum sustained winds 45 knots gusting to 55 knots
Comparative strength Tropical storm
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 40 to 85 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Mozambique
Maximum significant wave height 16 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 1500 GMT

Dineo will move south, later veering west. The storm will intensify to 65 knots before weakening and making landfall in southern Mozambique.

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