5 March 2017 - bulletin 111

Updated at 2200 GMT
Latest warning for 09S
Disturbance update

Tropical cyclone Enawo / 09S
Warning 06 from JTWC at 2100 GMT
Position 13.9S 55.1E
Location 393 miles NNW of Port Louis, Mauritius
Movement 270° (W) at 5 knots
Maximum sustained winds 90 knots gusting to 110 knots
Comparative strength HURRICANE
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 155 to 230 miles of the centre
Winds of 64 knots or higher occur within 25 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Madagascar
Maximum significant wave height 30 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 0900 GMT

Enawo will move southwest and continue to intensify rapidly. After a day or so the storm will approach the east coast of Madagascar, as it strengthens to 115 knots. After landfall, the system will weaken rapidly to dissipate overland. There is an outside chance for the system to reemerge over water. 

Tropical cyclone Blanche / 10S
Warning 01 from JTWC at 1500 GMT
Position 13.3S 128.9E
Location 126 miles WSW of Darwin, Australia
Movement 220° (SW) at 6 knots
Maximum sustained winds 35 knots gusting to 45 knots
Comparative strength Tropical storm
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 20 to 25 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Western Australia
Maximum significant wave height 10 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 0300 GMT

Blanche has formed in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, and is expected to make landfall near Wyndham within 12 hours. The system will then dissipate overland.

Australian warnings
Updated at 1920 GMT
A tropical cyclone WARNING is in force from Mitchell Plateau to Dundee Beach, inculding Wadeye.
A tropical cyclone watch is in force from Cockatoo Island to Mitchell Plateau

Update from JTWC at 1800 GMT
System 97S
Position 12.9S 79.9E
Location 550 miles SE of Diego Garcia
Likelihood of tropical cyclone formation within 24 hours is LOW 

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