11 May 2017 - bulletin 257

Updated at 1510 GMT
Latest warnings for 19P
Final warning for 01E

Tropical cyclone Ella / 19P
Warning 06 from JTWC at 1500 GMT
Position 14.2S 177.5W
Location 333 miles NE of Suva, Fiji
Movement 235° (SW) at 4 knots
Maximum sustained winds 60 knots gusting to 75 knots
Comparative strength Tropical storm
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 45 to 65 miles of the centre
Threatened landmasses Fiji
Maximum significant wave height 15 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 0300 GMT

Ella will move west, towards Fiji. The storm will peak at 65 knots later, and will weaken and dissipate north of Fiji.

Fiji warnings
A gale warning is in force for Vanua Levu, Taveuni and nearby islands.

Post-tropical cyclone Adrian / 01E
Warning 08 from NHC at 1500 GMT
Position 11.3N 93.8W
Location 350 miles SSE of Salina Cruz, Mexico
Movement 315° (NW) at 6 knots
Maximum sustained winds 25 knots gusting to 35 knots
Threatened landmasses Mexico
Minimum central pressure 1008 mbar

Adrian is weakening rapidly and is expected to dissipate later today.

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