18 June 2017 - bulletin 323

Updated at 2230 GMT
First warning for 02L
Disturbance update

Potential Tropical Cyclone 02L
Warning 01 from NHC at 2100 GMT
Position 7.5N 50.4W
Location 815 miles ESE of the southern Windward Islands
Movement 280° (W) at 20 knots
Maximum sustained winds 30 knots gusting to 40 knots
Minimum central pressure: 1008 mbar
Threatened landmasses Northern South America
Next warning from NHC at 0300 GMT

Disturbance 93L has been declared as a system with sufficient potential to become a tropical cyclone to warrant the issuance of numbered warnings. It is therefore been designated 02L.

This system is headed rapidly west towards the southern Windward Islands and northern South America. The system will intensify to 40 knots, before dissipate off the coast of Colombia.

Regional warnings
A tropical storm WARNING is in force for Barbados, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines
Rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches can be expected over the Windward Islands.

The likelihood of this system becoming an actual tropical cyclone within the 48 hours and 5 days timeframes is HIGH (70%)

Update from NHC at 1800 GMT
System 93L
Position 18.0N 87.3W
Likelihood of tropical cyclone formation in the next 48 hours is HIGH (70%)
Likelihood of tropical cyclone formation in the next 5 days is HIGH (90%)

System 92L is now 02L

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