10 July 2017 - bulletin 377

Updated at 0900 GMT
Latest warning for 05E

HURRICANE Eugene / 05E
Warning 09 from NHC at 2100 GMT
Position 18.1N 116.5W
Location 540 miles SW of the southern tip of Baja California
Movement 320° (NW) at 10 knots
Maximum sustained winds 85 knots gusting to 105 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 105 miles of the centre
Winds of 64 knots or higher occur within 35 miles of the centre
Minimum central pressure: 976 mbar
Threatened landmasses NONE
Next warning from NHC at 0300 GMT

Eugene will move northwest and is nearing peak intensity. After about 12-24 hours, the storm will weaken and dissipate to the west of Baja California.

Regional warnings
Life-threatening surf and rip-tide conditions are likely along the west coast of Baja California and the southern coasts of California.

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