12 July 2017 - bulletin 385

Updated at 2105 GMT
Latest warning for 06E
Final warning for 05E

Post-tropical cyclone Eugene / 05E
Warning 21 from NHC at 2100 GMT
Position 24.1N 122.5W
Location 525 miles WSW of Punta Eugenia, Mexico
Movement 315° (NW) at 9 knots
Maximum sustained winds 30 knots gusting to 40 knots
Minimum central pressure: 1006 mbar
Threatened landmasses NONE

Eugene is continuing to move northwest and has lost tropical cyclone status.

Regional warnings
Life-threatening surf and rip-tide conditions are likely along the west coast of northern Baja California and the southern coasts of California.

Tropical storm Fernanda / 06E
Warning 04 from NHC at 2100 GMT
Position 11.8N 112.2W
Location 780 miles SSW of the southern tip of Baja California
Movement 265° (W) at 8 knots
Maximum sustained winds 35 knots gusting to 45 knots
Winds of 34 knots or higher occur within 25 miles of the centre
Minimum central pressure: 1005 mbar
Threatened landmasses NONE
Next warning from NHC at 0300 GMT

Fernanda will continue to move west whilst intensifying. The system will reach at least 95 knots.

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